What Has This World Come To


There is this really unfair unwritten ‘rule’ about girls and guys.

One of the parts of this rule, is that, if a girl sleeps around with a bunch of guys, then she has many negative degrading labels about her. Rumors get spread.

If a guy does it, he gets encouraging comments, such as: “Way to get some!!” and, “Way to go man!”
He rises on the social status.

This is wrong on sooo many levels.

I’m not elaborating, its just something that’s messed in our overall messed society.





A Comeback

I came up with this perfect comeback that I thought I should share with you and brag about it in a comic:

There was something else I wanted to write about but I can’t remember at the moment soo..



The Quiet Place

So I know I’ve reached the limit with making posts today.

But I had to share this.


Oh, and it isn’t one of those:

Though, my arms look like their windmilling not flailing. Or Ninja Staring.

Anyway, we all need some time to ourselves some times and thought I would share this with you. I recommend having headphones in (just cause it would seem more personal).



P.s. That green thing on my foot is a shoe 😀 .