Quick Update

I have one exam left.

I hope you’re doing well.




Here We Go!

WEllll.. at the moment, I am feeling better.

I have been stressed lately, but at the moment, I am feeling better šŸ™‚

Pretty soon school will be over.

Oh happy bliss.

Then I will be off to camp.

Oh happy bliss.

I just have to get through this week, and the week after that, and then I have to focus on packing, and then I have to catch my plane and then I serve for a month at camp and then I can (God willing) crash at my cousins house.

Oh sweet joy.

Oh heavenly bliss.

Oh Great God.

Thank You.




Moving On.

Literally. I’m moving this summer.

Aside from that:

Depending on which places you go, it seems like people are more open-minded on the internet.

It’s nice.

My friends had a taste of paradise the other day. Though, I don’t think they realized it.
They went to a camp, and at that camp, no one was allowed to insult you, and if they did they had to say two positive things about you.
When they came back, it was hard for them.

I guess it puts it into perspective, that peace is possible. If everyone made an effort, it’s possible. Ā Sometimes, we may not even realize we have been the fortunateĀ receiverĀ of this peace. And yet, God does it for us everyday. Every little thing that you were afraid of, that didn’t happen, or you passed it with ease, is relief, which is peace. It is also an opportune situation for us to be grateful.

Peace is nice.



Flickering Candles.