Hello Everyone!

It is a gorgeous day over here.

Absolutely lovely,

so basically I’m moving again. (no big deal, i’m excited)

what’s new? at the mo, my anxiety is down to 1 – 5 instead of 10 – 30 (1 – 5 being low and not really there, and 10 – 30 being: feeling sick and worrying)

I’ve learned quite a few lessons the whole time I’ve been there. One of them being not to look at things through black and white lenses. Life (in my opinion) isn’t black and white, neither shades of grey or (gray) but rather a myriad of colors. There is no ‘fail’ or ‘win’ but there is only improvement to be made. In my experience, prayer also comes in handy (ha ha ha). It’s centering yourself – it’s communication with a Higher Being, something bigger than myself. I’ve also recognized what things make me feel low and gross and what things help me to improve myself and feel better. Have I mentioned it’s gorgeous here?


The great thing about improvement, is that there is always room to improve,

so until then!



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