My Introverted Personality


So, remember my other post: “How I Interacteth.”

Yeah. so, to expand. I’m pretty introverted. (And I know how this is going to come out sounding.. ) I also don’t like gossiping (even mentioning another person (maybe that’s too extreme, but it is what it is.) ). So, if we’re hanging out and that’s what you like to do, I’m pretty boring to be around.

I don’t mind engaging in one-on-one discussions about heavy-ish topics, and what you think about them, etc. I don’t mind light topics either, like how you appreciate how it’s been more sunny lately, or how you enjoy coffee in comparison to tea.

Sometimes I don’t feel the need to speak. I don’t need to fill up the silence with words. And that’s ok, I just hope you know sometimes I don’t know what to talk about plus I don’t feel the need to. I’m comfortable in silence sometimes.

Also, depending on who I’m with my humor changes – within reason. I don’t like racist jokes.

I don’t mind making fun of my own mistakes or reactions, such as:

e.g. “FC, I told you NOT to pull the door that said push.”


I’m pretty boring. One because I’m mostly introverted, two because I have some anxieties. But I still need human interaction occasionally so just bear(bare?) with me.

Yeah. So, thanks for listening.





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