Day Twelve.




Flickering Candles


Living In The Moment

is what I’m trying to do.

Trying to not worry about the future or the past, I’m just trying to live and be happy.

It hasn’t been as tough for me as it has been a lot of people – but I’m still trying to be a better person and to be happier.


I have less than a month left of school.

Here’s to everything being ok.

Praying that everything will be alright.


Pieces of joy (otherwise known as laughter),

Flickering Candles.

Back To School


I hope this week goes well.


My grandfather is a wonderful being. I have plans to talk to him more. And to ask about how his thoughts are and where he’s at.

I don’t know how much time is left but I hope I’m here for him when he needs me.


The news is scaring me. Man, this world is.. this world.

God help us and prepare us.


Thank you for everything, Praised be to Him for everything, and please help us with everything.



Flickering Candles


Stresssinnnggg, but it’s good :)

I have a lot of things to study for, but I’m thinking of a plan.

I have a unit final coming up for one subject which I’ve wasted two days of non-studying for.

I have an exam that’s super important this year.

It’s crazy.

I’m ready for this year to be over.

I have a little over or less than a month left.

God, help me through it.

The thing is, it’s a lot of memorizing and I’m not super good at that. A lot of memorizing.

I can make it through this.

Baha’u’llah wouldn’t give me what I can’t handle, right? Challenge accepted.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend 🙂