You’re Talking To Me?

Hey hey hey,


I want to tell you a little story.

My name is some-what hard to pronounce.

I’m used to getting many different variations of it.

But when I meet someone who can say my name properly?

“They said my name right. Oh my goodness. How do I feel about this? Do I feel respected? Do I feel happy? Nervous? Full of anxiety? How do I interpret this? How..”

If you say my name properly, you will hold my attention. I will remember who you are and when you said it.

And if we’re at that stage where you start calling me by a nickname and you say THAT part of my name properly?

Your name is a part of your identity. It’s a part of who you are, and when someone gets that part of you right? You feel open, as if they hold you in their hands. As if they can see who you are.

You probably think I’m ridiculous now but I don’t care.

Peace to you,

Flickering Candles.


I Refuse To Feel Sorry For Myself

It is not productive and not helpful.

I am a human being. Which means that I have shortcomings, but something stronger than that, that I have, is faith and hope. Faith in Him that I will be better today than I was yesterday,
and hope that I will keep working on myself until my last breath. And even after that.

Because even as my actions define me, I can choose to re-define myself and transform into something better. This time and this place is in constant motion,
it is always changing and evolving, just as I am and just as we all are. We all learn and will continue to do so, whether we like it or not. I am bigger than what I see myself as.

Each day is a new chance, and I will make the change. I am stronger than this, or any mental illness that can come my way because I will not let it be an excuse for not trying.

As always, He is love. And love can surpass anything.

I’m not going to blame other people for my problems.

I’m not going to be rude.

I’m going to be a better person, and take responsibility for my actions.

I will be kind, and generous, and helpful, and patient, and open, and loyal. And understanding, and truthful.

I will be this person and more.

I will be happy and make others happy while doing so.

I will be full of joy. I will be an ocean of joy and happiness.

First I’ll need to start out as a trickle, and then a stream, and then a river, but I will make it.

I don’t have to impress anyone.

I will strive to impress God, and by doing that I will impress myself.

Because we will make a change, and it will hurt, but it will be done, and we will be better for it and because of it.

Peace to you,

Flickering Candles


All I have to say is.. life is in a constant transformation.

I don’t want to have to be so shy anymore or scared.

I want to live. I want to be myself – or more than what I am.

I don’t know what to tell you.

I don’t know how to do this.

There are a few more things I have to learn.


Peace be upon you.


Flickering Candles

Yeah :)

Ever since I’ve moved here I’ve learned so many new things.

How to live in the moment for example. There are things that are easier here I think.

I’ve come so far from the first semester at school. It’s good, and I feel good.

Yeah 🙂


Still learning! so that’s a plus.

The world is kind of messed but we’re all working on that right?


In other news.

I’ve been kind of irresponsible and feeling bad about things but trying to move forward and forgive myself and help myself to grow. Yeah!


Here we go.


Peace upon you and your family and your animals.

Flickering. C.