You’re Talking To Me?

Hey hey hey,


I want to tell you a little story.

My name is some-what hard to pronounce.

I’m used to getting many different variations of it.

But when I meet someone who can say my name properly?

“They said my name right. Oh my goodness. How do I feel about this? Do I feel respected? Do I feel happy? Nervous? Full of anxiety? How do I interpret this? How..”

If you say my name properly, you will hold my attention. I will remember who you are and when you said it.

And if we’re at that stage where you start calling me by a nickname and you say THAT part of my name properly?

Your name is a part of your identity. It’s a part of who you are, and when someone gets that part of you right? You feel open, as if they hold you in their hands. As if they can see who you are.

You probably think I’m ridiculous now but I don’t care.

Peace to you,

Flickering Candles.


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