Life As We Know It

Hey everyone,

So I made a poem of sorts.

I hope you enjoy it.

Although, I feel as if it would be more impressive if it was presented at a poetry slam.

Anyway, enjoy 🙂

: It’s because when you get wrapped up in yourself that you start to complain
about unseen monsters and you lose the ability to see what is right in front of you.

When we serve others, that’s when we remember to forget ourselves.

I hadn’t realized how much technology had an influence on my life until I stopped paying
so much attention to what the tv was saying,

when I stopped paying attention to the million
different possibilities of wasting my time on things that don’t matter.

When I stopped listening to that voice inside that never seemed to stay quiet.

Because insomnia is caused by our racing thoughts of worries and fears, of things that we wished
that we had done and things that we had wished we hadn’t,

because of the steeped tea in my blood.

When I stopped blaming others for my anger,

I fixed my problems.

Because when I started paying attention to what I really wanted and stopped paying attention to what
my peers and the media said I wanted, when I stopped paying attention to what my family said I wanted, that’s when I became free.

And it’s now that I wonder, how I could have been asleep for so long, it’s now that I realize that I thought I was awake.

Because now that I’m thinking for myself, I realize it’s not really about myself.

Because I wonder why, if we always have access to this gift that we have been freely given, this gift laced with kindness and honesty, of compassion and forgiveness, of love and hope, and every good thing you can think of, this gift that I believe will cure us of our ills that we have created, that I wonder why we still choose to sleep.

Why we ignore that good voice inside of us, why we’ve been taught to crack easily under the slightest bit of pressure, why we are so scared of change
that we don’t even question things that have been apparently ok for centuries just because they haven’t physically killed us yet – I wonder why we have encouraged each other
to become less than what we are and meant to be, I wonder why we choose to sink down when we could swim.

And you may not like me for saying this, you may not like me, but I think it’s because we’ve stopped looking for ways
to prevent diseases and instead try to fix the results. :

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Thank you!

Please let me know what you think.


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