One Way To End Backbiting


So here is a way that we can stop idle talk of others:

“If, however, a person setteth about speaking well of another, opening his lips to praise
another, he will touch an answering chord in his hearers and they will be stirred up by
the breathings of God. Their hearts and souls will rejoice to know that, God be thanked,
here is a soul in the Faith who is a focus of human perfections, a very embodiment of
the bounties of the Lord, one whose tongue is eloquent, and whose face shineth, in
whatever gathering he may be, one who hath victory upon his brow, and who is a being
sustained by the sweet savours of God. Now which is the better way? I swear this by the beauty of the Lord:
whensoever I hear good of the friends, my heart filleth up with joy; but whensoever I find even a hint that
they are on bad terms one with another, I am overwhelmed by grief. Such is the condition of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.”

(Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Page: 230)


It is related that His Holiness Christ—May my life be a sacrifice to Him!—one day, accompanied by His apostles, passed by the corpse of a dead animal. One of them said: ‘How putrid has this animal become!’ The other exclaimed: ‘How it is deformed!’ A third cried out: ‘What a stench! How cadaverous looking!’ but His Holiness Christ said: “Look at its teeth! how white they are!’ Consider, that He did not look at all at the defects of that animal; nay, rather, He searched well until He found the beautiful white teeth. He observed only the whiteness of the teeth and overlooked entirely the deformity of the body, the dissolution of its organs and the bad odour. This is the attribute of the children of the Kingdom. This is the conduct and the manner of the real Bahá’ís. I hope that all the believers will attain to this lofty station.

(‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Star of the West, Vol. IV, No. 11, p. 192)