Keep going, my brother :)

If you love someone,  you want them to be happy.

You want them to be free.


I’ve been learning a lot of new things lately.

Things like how to love God and how to let go. Learning about how to be patient.


I’ll share something personal.

I’m learning how to love God. How to find Him. For myself and no one else.

I’m learning how to be.

I’m learning that you need to ask for help. For anything.

I’m learning how to be patient and loving.


With love,



The 12 Signs of Love

1) Praise
2) Gratitude
3) Forgiveness
4) Acceptance
5) Overlook each others faults
6) See the good in all people
7) Listen
8) Service
9) The ability to receive love
10) Self-less love (unconditional love)
11) Happiness
12) Never cause unhappiness