True Freedom

Yosi Mesbah & Friends:


True Freedom, is obedience to God

Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Glory, is contentment with His Will
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Justice, is to see with searching eyes
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Religion, is to follow in His Way
Raise me up, and let me be free

True Courage, is promotion of His Word
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Power, is steadfastness in His Love
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Love, is to burn with His Desire
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Faith, is abundance of our deeds
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Safety, is renouncing all the world
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Wisdom, is the dread of His Decree
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Knowledge, is to know Bahá’u’lláh
Raise me up, and let me be Free

True Freedom, is obedience to God
Raise me up, and let me be Free

(inspred by Bahá’u’lláh’s ‘Words of Wisdom’)


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A Few Realizations

One of them is:

Remember how a while ago I said something like “don’t judge me but i watch terrible tv shows to get away from my anxiety”

remember that? yeah, not the best idea.

I’ve found a new, more productive way of not having anxiety, and watching bad tv shows just makes my anxiety worse in the long run.


So, I’ve realized that I can do other things! Yay!! 😀

And I’m not beating myself up over it, but realizing that I’ve realized a new realization. Ya dig?


As always –


Flickering Candles.

1 July 2013

Hello all 🙂

I am currently breaking down the message from The House. Which consists of writing one paragraph per page and defining words that I don’t understand or words we should go over, and occasionally writing questions to go with each paragraph to help us delve deeper.

I’m hoping that when my relatives come back from vacation they’ll go through it with me, to help each other grow and get ready for the up-coming conference. Whoo!!

So far, so good 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well.



Flickering Candles

P.s. I’m finding the error of my ways. I’m working on fixing them.

I’m Cooking For Myself

Sing to the song “Looking 4 Myself” by Usher

So hello everyone!

I have to make supper for meself tonight, and I have a good-sized rainbow trout with me.

Mmm mmm good! Right?

I don’t know how to cook rainbow trout so I’m looking for recipes online.

It should be fun though! The funnest part will be eating it though 😉

I’m also trying to eat healthier but when I went to get food I forgot to get lettuce.      (lettuce is a big deal for me, aiight?!)

but I also bought cinnamon raisin bagels for breakfast. those are healthy, right?

……….. and a processed pizza…..

so we can conclude that I’m not perfect, but at least I’m eating a fish tonight 🙂

I’m actually really excited about eating this fish.




I hope you’re day is going lovely and that your food choices are good for you and tasty, and that your family and your animals are doing well, and that you keep reading my blog 😛

Also please feel free to comment! I like hearing from you 🙂



I Refuse To Feel Sorry For Myself

It is not productive and not helpful.

I am a human being. Which means that I have shortcomings, but something stronger than that, that I have, is faith and hope. Faith in Him that I will be better today than I was yesterday,
and hope that I will keep working on myself until my last breath. And even after that.

Because even as my actions define me, I can choose to re-define myself and transform into something better. This time and this place is in constant motion,
it is always changing and evolving, just as I am and just as we all are. We all learn and will continue to do so, whether we like it or not. I am bigger than what I see myself as.

Each day is a new chance, and I will make the change. I am stronger than this, or any mental illness that can come my way because I will not let it be an excuse for not trying.

As always, He is love. And love can surpass anything.

I’m not going to blame other people for my problems.

I’m not going to be rude.

I’m going to be a better person, and take responsibility for my actions.

I will be kind, and generous, and helpful, and patient, and open, and loyal. And understanding, and truthful.

I will be this person and more.

I will be happy and make others happy while doing so.

I will be full of joy. I will be an ocean of joy and happiness.

First I’ll need to start out as a trickle, and then a stream, and then a river, but I will make it.

I don’t have to impress anyone.

I will strive to impress God, and by doing that I will impress myself.

Because we will make a change, and it will hurt, but it will be done, and we will be better for it and because of it.

Peace to you,

Flickering Candles

My Introverted Personality


So, remember my other post: “How I Interacteth.”

Yeah. so, to expand. I’m pretty introverted. (And I know how this is going to come out sounding.. ) I also don’t like gossiping (even mentioning another person (maybe that’s too extreme, but it is what it is.) ). So, if we’re hanging out and that’s what you like to do, I’m pretty boring to be around.

I don’t mind engaging in one-on-one discussions about heavy-ish topics, and what you think about them, etc. I don’t mind light topics either, like how you appreciate how it’s been more sunny lately, or how you enjoy coffee in comparison to tea.

Sometimes I don’t feel the need to speak. I don’t need to fill up the silence with words. And that’s ok, I just hope you know sometimes I don’t know what to talk about plus I don’t feel the need to. I’m comfortable in silence sometimes.

Also, depending on who I’m with my humor changes – within reason. I don’t like racist jokes.

I don’t mind making fun of my own mistakes or reactions, such as:

e.g. “FC, I told you NOT to pull the door that said push.”


I’m pretty boring. One because I’m mostly introverted, two because I have some anxieties. But I still need human interaction occasionally so just bear(bare?) with me.

Yeah. So, thanks for listening.




One Last Thing

I want to learn Persian and Arabic. And I want to continue to learn more about Espanol.

That’s all I really needed to say.

It’s a gorgeous day out.

Peace be on you, your family, your animals, your experiences, your feelings, your thoughts, and anything thing else that you need to be peaceful for.




P.s. Happy April 1st by the way!!


Hello Everyone!

It is a gorgeous day over here.

Absolutely lovely,

so basically I’m moving again. (no big deal, i’m excited)

what’s new? at the mo, my anxiety is down to 1 – 5 instead of 10 – 30 (1 – 5 being low and not really there, and 10 – 30 being: feeling sick and worrying)

I’ve learned quite a few lessons the whole time I’ve been there. One of them being not to look at things through black and white lenses. Life (in my opinion) isn’t black and white, neither shades of grey or (gray) but rather a myriad of colors. There is no ‘fail’ or ‘win’ but there is only improvement to be made. In my experience, prayer also comes in handy (ha ha ha). It’s centering yourself – it’s communication with a Higher Being, something bigger than myself. I’ve also recognized what things make me feel low and gross and what things help me to improve myself and feel better. Have I mentioned it’s gorgeous here?


The great thing about improvement, is that there is always room to improve,

so until then!