One Last Thing

I want to learn Persian and Arabic. And I want to continue to learn more about Espanol.

That’s all I really needed to say.

It’s a gorgeous day out.

Peace be on you, your family, your animals, your experiences, your feelings, your thoughts, and anything thing else that you need to be peaceful for.




P.s. Happy April 1st by the way!!



School :D

Yes. I’m happy to go back to school.

I’ll tell you why – because I have a limited time left! and then summer is here 🙂

Also – it’s a good school. I get to see people and get an education! win – win 🙂

The days have been really nice and warm and sunny here.

I think I might make a comic soon.

I should probably get ready to go back to school though.

Yeah 🙂

I hope you have an amazing day/week. Keep that ray of sunshine you call a smile on your face 🙂

Pieces of Joy,

Flickering Candles.